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Tubular bent and formed parts/assemblies

Our expertise in tube processing (bending, end forming, cutting, etc.) goes back more than 25 years and includes

  1. Bending of mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, cupronickel, copper, etc.
  2. Bending of round, square, rectangular, chassis, luggage and other special sections
  3. Bending of tubes with tight radii, large bending radius, merging bends
  4. Bending of thick- and thin-walled tubes
  5. End forming operations such as flaring, reducing, beading, curling, etc. possible
  6. Trimming/shearing, notching, dimpling and other tube forming operations possible
  7. Tooling for bending, end forming and other tube processes are designed and manufactured in-house

We have a complete range of tube and section benders and end formers along with other tube processing (trimming, profile cutting, etc.). We can bend what you want.