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Tube Processing Machines

Electropneumatics offers total solutions in tube processing including tube bending, end forming and cutting. The end forming and cutting machines cover a wide range of diameters and applications in the automotive, air conditioning and ventilation, HVAC, furniture, boiler, shipbuilding, piping, construction and such industries.

The end forming machines are meticulously designed, proven and reliable. The end formed parts produced by this chipless process have increased strength, good surface finish and tight tolerances. Special multi-section punching machines for programmable punching of holes in round, square, rectangular, oval and other sections are also available.
End Forming Machines
  1. Cold forming of intricate shapes and profiles- heading, flaring, swaging (expanding/reducing), beading and others are possible
  2. Available in one, two or multiple stages with linear or rotary indexing facility
  3. Can form one or both ends of the tube simultaneously
End Cutting Machines
  1. Square end trim cuts, angle, radius and scallop cuts
  2. Incorporates dual blade shear and supported shear technologies
  3. End cutting systems can be incorporated on tube benders
Punching Machines
  1. Hole punching in tubular (round, square, rectangular, oval) and other sections
  2. CNC programmable hole pattern
Multi-Station Tube Processing Machines
  1. Suitable for performing a combination of end forming, cutting, punching, bending, etc. on one machine

2-Stage Linear Indexing Heavy Duty Tube End Former

2-Stage Linear Indexing Light Duty Tube End Former

2-Way 2-Stage Special Tube End Former

5-Stage Rotary Indexing Tube End Former

Dual Shear Tube Cut-Off Machine

2-Station Special Tube End Former


  1. Machines available for end forming, cutting and punching of tubular parts
  2. Compact and modular, yet robust designs
  3. Can process tubes from 16 up to 114 mm in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other materials
  4. Special purpose machines available to suit specific needs
  5. Custom-designed tools offered for all operations
  6. High productivity machines
  7. User friendly Electropneumatics NC/CNC controls with intelligent operator in terface