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Electropneumatics distinguishes itself from the rest in its technological innovations and its tradition of anticipating the demands of the future and responding to them with solutions of tomorrow, today! We have always believed in being ‘one-step-ahead’ and therefore, place a strong emphasis on technology development. Our history shows that since our foundation in 1972, new ideas, new application domains and consistent progress in technology have dictated the growth and future of the company. Electropneumatics products are used in the automotive, auto component, white goods, electronics, process plant, chemical plant, cutting tools, railways, shipbuilding, power transmission and other industries.

Totally indigenous designing, manufacturing and testing capabilities in the areas of mechanical, electrical, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics is Electropneumatics’ strength. Electropneumatics continuously strive to improve its core technological strengths and to develop newer technologies for different market segments, which manifests itself through our full-fledged research and development department and our large investment in new product development. The diverse range of products, many of which are first-of-their-kind and import-substitutes in India, is testimony to that.

Our well-trained design team uses the latest 3D modeling and FEA softwares to optimally design machine frames for minimum deflection and stresses, part validation and die design.