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Tube and Pipe Benders

Special Tube Benders

Customised solutions for bending sectional profiles, different tube materials, thin-walled tubes, etc. into complex shapes.


  1. Chassis Benders - for bending of square, rectangular or tubular section tubes of chassis long members of SUV, trucks and commercial vehicles
  2. Section Coilers - for forming sectional profiles of HVAC applications into coils and serpentines
  3. Section Benders - for bending of sectional profiles of luggage, furniture, automotive accessories into complicated configurations
  4. Multi-Plane Hot Bending Modules- for hot bending of solid rods such as stabilizer and torsion bars in multiple planes with multiple bends
  5. Portabend - for all pipe fitting applications such as sawing, ID/OD deburring, bending, ferrule presetting, etc. It is a universal mobile tube-working station.

Section (Chassis) Bender

Section (Suitcase Frame) Bender

Section (Furniture) Bender

Section Coiler for refrigeration pipes

Bending Module for hot bending of solid stabiliser and torsion bars

Mobile Tube Working Station