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Servo Mechanical Presses

Electropneumatics’ Servo Mechanical Presses combine the speed and reliability of the eccentric drive mechanical presses and the flexibility of hydraulic presses with innovative electric servo technology to open up new opportunities for automotive, auto component, appliance and general engineering applications. Independent programmability of slide and cushion speeds and motion sequences make blanking, shallow drawing, trimming, coining, too tryout, transfer/progressive die operations, etc. possible on the same press.

The large, high-performance AC torque motors drive the eccentric gear arrangement replacing the flywheel, clutch and brake and offering dynamic control over forming operations and energy savings.

  1. Energy consumption less than conventional presses
    (even up to 40%).
  2. Flexibility to perform different forming processes through
    slide and cushion speed, stroke and motion sequence
    programming- blanking, drawing, forming, progressive
    die operations, tool tryout, etc.
  3. Higher productivity than conventional presses
    (sometimes up to 60%) since motion sequences can be
    optimally tuned and synchronised with automation devices.
  4. Reduced vibration, impact and noise levels leading to
    superior part quality.
  5. Improved die and press life.
  6. Smaller footprint, especially for large bed presses.
  7. Suitable for all materials, especially high strength steels.

315T Servo Mechanical Press with Hydraulic Cushion

63T Servo Mechanical Press with Hydraulic Cushion

We offer these presses as CNC hydraulic or Servo Mechanical Presses.


  1. Press forces up to 2000T
  2. Available as single, double or triple action presses in ring frame or 4-column tie rod constructions
  3. Slide motion and power from AC servo motor powered multiple reduction gear train and link mechanism
  4. Adjustable 8-point bearing arrangement for slide with wear-resistant pads
  5. Slide adjustment
  6. Hydraulic overload protection
  7. Pneumatic slide counter-balance
  8. Various die cushion options like conventional, active, multi-point, etc., programmable to suit application (hydraulic, pneumatic or electric AC servo)
  9. Provided with necessary safety features and on-line monitoring systems
  10. Optional features
    • Cushions- conventional, multi-point; hydraulic, pneumatic, electric AC servo
    • Ejectors
    • Blank holder
    • Mechanical knock-outs
    • Shock absorbers
    • Quick die change systems
    • Loading and unloading systems
    • Transfer systems
  11. Electropneumatics’ state-of-the-art control technol ogy for process control and monitoring. Easy-to-use graphical interface with on-linediagnostics and real-time data viewing