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Parts produced in the Component Manufacturing Division cater to almost all industries. With hydroforming, fascinating possibilities for all kinds of component shapes and sizes become real- right from small fittings to long, high-strength steel chassis members.

Potential Parts for Hydroforming
  • Automotive
    Chassis long and cross members, engine cradles, covers and camshafts, exhaust parts and manifolds, fuel system parts, tanks, catalytic converter and headers, structural roof rails, pillars and shock absorbers, wheel rims, body roofs, bonnets and skin panels
  • Sanitary ware
    Fittings, tees, elbows, U-bends, spouts, shower and tank panels.
  • Architecture/Interiors
    Aesthetically complex parts, usually with large radii, sweeping curves and good surface finish like door and appliance handles, light reflectors, decorative panels and other parts
  • Appliance and consumer goods
    Oven and cooking range tops, chimneys, sinks, camera housings, etc.
  • General Engineering
    Almost any application that is amenable to hydroforming

3-Wheeler Engine Mounting Cross Member- bent, hydroformed and hydropierced

SUV Chassis Front Cross Member- hydroformed

Tractor Exhaust Manifold- hydroformed

Rear Axle Part

SUV Chassis Radiator Support Cross Member- hydroformed

Fender Support- bent and hydroformed

Ice Mobile Exhaust Part- hydroformed, bent and end formed

2-Wheeler Chassis Frame Parts- bent, end formed and machined

Automotive Seat Frames- bent, end formed and machined

3-Wheeler Engine Part- bent and hydroformed

Rear Axle Trailing Arm, LH & RH- bent, hydroformed, end formed and machined

Automotive seat frame part- bent and formed

SS and Ti Heat Exchanger Plates- stamped

Tee Fittings- hydroformed

Brass Spout- hydroformed

2-Wheeler Chassis Frame Part, LH & RH- bent, end formed and machined