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Power and Transmission Line Equipment

The growth of the steel construction and infrastructure industry, especially in India, has led Electropneumatics to develop specific equipment aimed at meeting the demand of high quality, high volume processing of steel profiles. Our single machines and fully automated lines can cater to the different requirements of marking, punching, cropping, forming, etc. of angles, channels, beams, plates and other such profiles required in the construction of electrical, power transmission and construction towers and other fabrication industries. These are highly productive, sturdy and reliable machines. Some of the products include:
  1. Automatic CNC Angle Marking, Punching and Cropping Machines
  2. CNC Plate and Angle Punching Machines with X-Y Table
  3. CNC Drilling Machines
  4. CNC Pole Welding Machines
  5. Straightening Machines
  6. Marking, Punching, Cropping, Forming Single Presses
The necessary tools (dies and punches) are also provided with the machine.

CNC Angle Marking, Punching and Cropping Machine

Pole Straightening Machine

Pole Closing and Welding Machine

Plate and Angle Punching Machine with CNC X-Y Table