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Pneumatic Valves & Accessories

Electropneumatics makes pneumatic valves suitable for compressed air, water, vacuum, gases and low pressure oil. They are available as solenoid-operated, pneumatically-operated and manually-operated.

Solenoid coils are available for AC and DC voltages. The valve range consists of

  1. Directional control valves- 2, 3, 4-way, 2, 3-position, single/double solenoid, direct/pilot /pneumatically/ manually operated
  2. Flow control, check and needle valves
  3. Quick exhaust valves
  4. Shuttle valves
  5. Rotor seal couplings
  6. Dual sensing valves
  7. Rotary actuators
  8. Stackable valves- 2, 3, 4-way, 2, 3-position, single/double solenoid
  9. Accessories like silencers, mufflers, air preparation units

4-Way Direction Control Valves

3-Way Direction Control Valves

2-Way Direction Control Valves

Flow Control, Non-Return, Rotary Hand Lever, Roller Operated Valves

Full Range of Stackable Valves

Valve Accessories and Manually Operated Valves