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Electropneumatics’ Indigenous AC Servo Drives Offer High Performance-to-Cost Advantage

Electropneumatics has developed their own AC Servo Drives way back in 1997 which are used in all its CNC machines. More than 3500 drives have been used in our machines and also by our customers in their products. These indigenously designed and manufactured servo drives use the latest DSP and IGBT technologies to provide exceptional system performance at an unmatched price. Our AC servo drives are used in CNC machines, robotics, automation, packaging machines, etc.

Hot Forming Press

Developing a Hot Forming Press of 5000T capacity with a large bed. This will be used for producing high strength steel forming. Component blank will be heated in the furnace to austenitic temperature and transferred to the forming tool in the press. The part is formed and quenched in the press itself through water cooling of the dies to martensite temperature thus increasing the strength of steel upto 300%.

Largest CNC Pipe Bender

ELECTROPNEUMATICS once again proved its might and expertise when it successfully built largest 3 Axes CNC cold pipe bender of capacity OD 419mm X 21mm thick.
Brief Technical Description:
Maximum Capacity :   OD 419mm X 21mm thick
Maximum Bending Radius :   2000 mm
Length over mandrel :   8 meters
Tube Orientation :   Powered through hydromotors, Position control by CNC
Controls :   ELECTROPNEUMATICS make CNC with MMI ( 12.1’’ colour LCD Touch Screen Monitor & Keyboard)

Push, Turn and Bend axes are driven by hydraulic source and has both Manual and Automatic (CNC) Control

Automatic CNC Chassis Long Member Punching Machine

Manufactured fully automatic CNC Chassis Long Member Punching Machine for Web & Flange for commercial vehicles.
Brief Technical Description:
  1. Our CNC Chassis Long Member Punching machine consists of 100 T Web Punching Unit, 40 T Flange Punching Units (L.H. & R.H), Free Roller Infeed & Outfeed Conveyor and 3 nos. feeder units.
  2. Free roller infeed conveyor is designed to handle 12 mtr. Long chassis member during feeding to the punching units.
  3. Web Punching Unit is 100 T high speed vertical hydraulic press, capable of punching 8 varieties of holes (one at a time) in the long member in the programmed manner.
  4. 2 nos. flange punching units, one for punching holes on the left flange & another for punching holes on right flange. Each unit consists of 40 T high speed horizontal hydraulic press, capable of punching 4 varieties of holes (one at a time).
  5. 'X' axis for Feeder, ‘Y’ axis for transverse motion of punching unit, ‘Z’ axis for vertical motion of turret are all driven by Brushless AC Servo Motor.

RASQUINHA-DON BOSCO Technical Training Centre

Electropneumatics is building a Technical Training Centre with training equipment on 1.5 acres of land to enable school drop-outs, tribals and adivasis in and around Chakan area to develop basic trade skills in welding, machining and forming. It will also house a boarding for students who come from distant places for training.

This will be donated to the Bombay Salesian Society (Don Bosco Priests).