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Tube and Pipe Benders

NC Tube Benders [NCX/NCXR]

For bending of simple tubes in the automotive, furniture, boiler, plumbing industries.


  1. Tubes from OD 6 to 419 mm
  2. Bend accuracy ±0.2 deg/sec
  3. Can produce parts with multiple bends in single plane (NCX model) and in multiple planes (NCXR model)
  4. No. of multi-plane bends settable= 8 (POB and DBB)
  5. Programmable DOB in automatic open loop control
  6. Pre-settable POB, DBB and preset bending sequence (in NCXR model)
  7. Electropneumatics’ MicroPLC with 3” touch screen MMI

Model 30NCX

Model 65NCXR

Model 100NCXR

Model 200NCXR

Model 325NCXR