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Multi-Station and Transfer Presses

Electropneumatics builds high performance multi-station presses for volume production of formed sheet or solid parts. These highly productive machines are characterised by their flexibility and repeatability. The operations can be performed by a single ram or with multiple rams having independent controls of speed, force and position. These multi-station presses can be equipped with automatic electric AC servo transfer systems for feeding of blank/part from start to end. Transfer presses are completely automated to perform all tasks from blank/coil to finished product, without human intervention. Several optional automation solutions are available as per application and requirement.

60T x 4-Station Press with Four Independent Slides for mass production of brake linings

300T 2-Station 4-Column Press with 3-Axes Electric Transfer System

2800T 2-Station Press with two independent slides for forming and punching of commercial vehicle chassis long members

250T x 3, 12-Station Transfer Press with Blank De-stacker and Loader, CNC Transfer System and Unloader for forming servo brake shells

These transfer lines are for dedicated requirements are lead to savings in changeover time and per piece costs.


  1. Sturdy, column construction with pre-stretched tie rods and 8-point adjustable guiding arrangement or multi-pillar construction
  2. Single or multiple slides, which can operate together or independently
  3. Die cushions, ejectors and shock absorbers, as required
  4. High operating speeds through efficient hydraulic and electronic controls
  5. Optional
    • Scrap handling system in press bed
    • Material feed systems- coil feed lines, blank de-stackers, robots, etc.
    • Part unloading systems- robot, de-stackers, conveyors, etc.
    • Quick clamping and die change systems
  6. In-built safety protection devices for press and transfer system
  7. Advanced Electropneumatics’ SMARTCNC controls with programmable motion, speed and pressure profiles for press and also transfer system