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Machine Manufacturing Division [MMD]


The Machine Manufacturing Division offers products for different requirements of forming. Whether it is a single press, an automated press line or a complete turnkey system, we have the capability and the know-how to build it. Having built more than 4500 machines for deep drawing, trimming, hemming, coining, cold extrusion, plastics/composite forming, tool tryout, honing, compacting, tube forming and other such processes, our experience in forming applications is diverse and all-encompassing. They are available in tonnages up to 15000 tons and in bed sizes as per requirement.

We have indigenous strengths in all the core technologies of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and even electronics/PLC/CNC that go to build a press of superior standards. We are a total system solution provider.

Our machines are available in standard and customised designs to meet specific customer/part requirements. They offer the flexibility and high productivity to produce quality parts consistently.