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Experts in Hydroforming

Electropneumatics uses hydroforming to open up new possibilities in manufacturing a variety of parts for different applications, otherwise considered difficult or sometimes even impossible. We are the only Indian company to indigenously develop hydroforming technology and equipment more than 7 years back. We are continuously researching and developing hydroforming to produce better dies and parts, increase cycle times, improve process controls and repeatability, etc., all indigenously.

The primary goal of the Component Manufacturing Division is to use hydroforming to produce parts and assemblies because of the tremendous benefits it offers.We have all the design and development expertise required to design hydroformed parts, tools, systems and entire process lines. A full-fledged production set-up consisting of hydroforming presses up to 2000T, tube benders for pre-bending, stamping presses for pre-forming, end trimming machines, specialised end forming/machining equipment, leak testing equipment, etc. is available for mass production.