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Hydroformed tubular and sheet parts/assemblies

We are specialists in hydroforming technology and the only Indian company with complete indigenous technology in this field. With the complete line for producing tube and sheet hydroformed parts consisting of hydroforming presses, tube benders for pre-bending, stamping presses for pre-forming, end trimming machines, specialised end forming/machining equipment, leak testing equipment, etc., parts for the automotive, plumbing, decorative, consumer goods, defense, nuclear and other sectors and can be produced in large volumes.

We have the capabilities to work with you right from part design and development stage to supply of a complete assembly meeting your quality and delivery requirements. This process has tremendous advantages and though mostly used to produce automotive components, it finds application in parts for the plumbing, decorative, etc. industries. Automotive parts for 2-wheelers, 2-wheelers, cars, SUVs, trucks and buses such as side members and cross members of chassis, axle parts, body frame parts, exhaust parts, fuel system parts, etc. are currently under production.