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Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses

Electropneumatics designs and builds tailor-made powder compacting and sintering presses for near-net shape forming of parts. Powders of iron, steel, high speed steel, carbides, ceramics, friction material, bronze, copper and their alloys can be formed into complex parts of high strength. Our presses can be used for dry and wet compacting and come with a wide variety of options, sophistication and automation for large volume, continuous production. These are hydraulic high-efficiency automatic presses that can be supplied with sophisticated precise tools and tool adaptors to ensure production of complex parts to high quality levels. Sintering and sizing presses are also available.

80T 12-Station Ball Press for ceramic media

500T 4-Column CNC Powder Compacting Press with AC Servo Feeder,
Pick & Place and On-line Weighing

200T Dry Compacting Press for multi-level PM parts

300T H-Frame Wet Compacting Press for ferrite magnets


  1. Sturdy press frames, specifically design for long daylights and minimum deflection, in H-frame, ring frame, 4-pillar and 4-column constructions
  2. Top, bottom and auxiliary ejection systems, as per requirement
  3. High speed, high production models available
  4. Incorporated with all safety features and diagnostic controls
  5. Optional features are
    • Auto ejection system for specialised requirements
    • Mechanical knock-outs
    • Shock absorbers
    • Quick die change systems
    • Pick and place part transfer units
    • Automatic weighing arrangement
    • Static/floating dies
    • Magnetising/demagnetising unit
    • Filter-cloth slurry cleaning arrangement
  6. Supply of tool adaptors
  7. Electropneumatics’ intelligent, user-friendly interface and PLC/CNC controls for real-time programming and monitoring of all process parameters