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Hydraulic Metal Forming Presses

Electropneumatics’ presses for metal forming are available in different constructions and with a wide variety of features for applications such as deep drawing, stamping, trimming, cold extrusion, coining, hemming, blanking, press fitting and riveting, etc.

We offer hydraulic and mechanical presses with servo drive options (hydraulic or electric). We can provide all the features and levels of sophistication and automation to meet the varied requirements of forming different materials (such as mild steel, aluminium, high strength steel, alloy steels, etc.), part intricacies and cycle times.


  1. Available as single, double or triple action presses in C-frame, H-frame, 4-pillar, ring frame, straight-sided, 4-column constructions
  2. Torsion and deflection resistant, rigid fabricated press structures, optimised at design stage and manufactured to high quality standards
  3. Accurate, lubricated slide guiding arrangements and pre-stretched tie-rod arrangement in column presses
  4. Various die cushion options like conventional, active, multi-point, etc., programmable to suit application
  5. Powered by high-performance hydraulic systems with conventional, proportional and servo controls.
  6. Provided with necessary safety features and on-line monitoring systems
  7. Optional features that can be provided are
    • Die cushions
    • Ejectors
    • Blank holder
    • Mechanical knock-outs
    • Shock absorbers
    • Quick die change systems
    • Coil feed lines
    • Transfer systems
    • Loaders, unloaders, rotary/linear tables, etc.
  8. Electropneumatics’ user-friendly relay logic/PLC/CNC controls with advanced diagnostic capabilities for process optimisation and sequence setting


5000T Tube Hydroforming Press

100T 4-Pillar Press for calibration of wheel rims

7000T Ring Frame Press for forming SS heat exchanger plates

1000T 4-Column Press with Loader Arm for forming and trimming rail coach side panels

3500T Ring Frame Press for forming, trimming and piercing of heat exchanger plates

450T 4-Column Triple Action Press for forming automotive skin panels

1500T Tube Hydroforming Press

1200T 4-Column Deep Drawing Press for SUV roof tops

125T Straight-Sided High Speed CNC Press

300T Anvil/Horn Press

150T 4-Column Hemming Press