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Hydraulic Honing Machines

Electropneumatics’ range of honing machines meet the critical requirements of a wide variety of honing applications. They guarantee fast, accurate and precise honing of small to very large parts thereby offering higher productivity and efficiency to the user. They can be used to maintain diameter tolerance, correct taper, out-of-roundness, bell-mouth, waviness, misalignment in bores and for removing machining marks from bores. These honing machines are available in the following options:
  1. Light duty - for small parts such as two-wheeler engine master and brake cylinders, connecting rods, rocker arms and gears, valve and pump bodies
  2. Medium duty - for compressor blocks, multi-cylinder engine blocks and liners, extruder barrels, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder barrels
  3. Heavy duty - for large, long parts such as heavy vehicle engine blocks, process industry tubes and liners, big hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder barrels
  4. Special - with multi-spindles and automation for high volume production

Twin Spindle Honing Machine with 6-Station Rotary Indexing Table for tractor engine blocks

Twin Spindle Honing Machine for brake and master cylinders

Heavy Duty Honing Machine with 2-Station Linear Indexing Table for locomotive engine liner blocks

Light Duty Honing Machine for connecting rods

Medium Duty Honing Machine for engine liners


  1. Honing of bores from 19mm to 400mm with strokes from 250 to 2500mm, variable depending on the model
  2. CNC servo reciprocation, rotation and hone expansion
  3. Double expansion honing tool for rough/fine honing with provision for plateau honing
  4. In-process/post-process automatic bore sizing with plug/air gauge
  5. Handling devices such as rotary or linear indexing tables, vertical cradles, etc.
  6. Coolant filtration system
  7. Cooling units for hydraulic and honing oil
  8. Electropneumatics’ SMART PLC/SMARTCNC control system with on-line diagnostics, interactive graphic simulation and menu-driven operations make process control easy.