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Hydraulic Die Spotting and Tryout Presses

The need for quick and reliable die/mould tryout is constantly increasing because of the increasing number of new models and smaller batch quantities that are being produced in the automotive industry. In addition, forming processes have become complex, especially with the newer difficult materials. Therefore, it has become necessary to break-in and prove dies (new and reconditioned) well in advance of production start to save expensive production time. Electropneumatics’ Die Spotting and Tryout Presses have all the features needed to accurately simulate the actual manufacturing process for die prove-out. These presses can be used for die inspection, mould finishing and limited batch/prototype production.

500T 4-Column Die Spotting and Tryout PRess

300T 4-Column Die Spotting and Tryout Press

15T 4-Pillar Mould Spotting Press


  1. 4-pillar and 4-column constructions with accurate slide guiding arrangement
  2. Upper 90° swing-out platen/slide for easy access to upper die half
  3. Shuttle table to load dies and work on lower die half
  4. Automatic and manual locking devices for operator safety while working to tool
  5. Micro-inching facility with accuracy of ±0.1 mm
  6. High speed slide approach and return functions
  7. Large bed sizes available
  8. Electropneumatics’ SMARTCNC/PLC control system and user interface