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Consumer, White Goods And Home Appliances

Parts for consumer and white goods have high aesthetic value. Machines producing them must be capable of making parts that have superior finish and complicated design features. Hydraulic press technology uses innovative forming methods and multi-point variable cushions to produce one-piece parts such as kitchen sinks, chimneys, gas hobs, pressure cookers and utensils. Transfer presses are also available for start-to-end production of such parts for enhanced production by automatic handling and elimination of set-up time. Moulding presses are available for forming, trimming and punching of refrigerator liners. Tube/section bending machines can be used for almost all consumer/white good applications such as suitcase frames, furniture sections, handles for doors/ovens.

Electropneumatics’ pneumatic and hydraulic valves and cylinders are used by modular furniture manufacturers in their fixtures for gluing and lamination and other such similar applications. Booster pumps are used for pressure testing of air conditioner/refrigeration piping and compressor shells.

Sheet Forming

High speed deep drawing of utensils

High speed deep drawing of utensils

Deep drawing of aluminium and stainless steel cookware

Deep drawing and trimming of aluminium casserole lids