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Tube and Pipe Benders

CNC Wire Benders [CNC3W]

Ideal for bending of automotive wire components like door locks, hood support, actuator levers and also consumer and interior decoration items.


  1. Wires from OD 2 to 6 mm
  2. Push, turn, bend accuracy ±0.1 mm/s or deg/sec
  3. Bending in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  4. AC servo motor all-electric push, turn bend axes
  5. Fully programmable axes movement in close loop position and velocity feedback mode
  6. Complex curved parts possible by interpolation of feed and bend axes
  7. Capable of producing zigzag, multi-plane, curvature and helix bends
  8. Electropneumatics’ SMARTBEND 310 with colour LCD touch screen and keyboard access

Model 6CNC3W, CNC Three-Axes Wire Bender