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Tube and Pipe Benders

CNC Three-Axes Tube Benders [CNC3X]

For complex parts and high-volume bending, especially in the automotive industry.


  1. Tubes from OD 6 to 419 mm
  2. Push, turn, bend accuracy ±0.1 mm/s or deg/s
  3. Can produce parts with multiple bends in single plane (NCX model) and in multiple planes (NCXR model)
  4. Fully programmable axes movement in close loop position and velocity feedback mode
  5. Advanced on-line diagnostics, display of axes position/speed, on-going sequence and error messages
  6. Features such as automatic tube length compensation, springback calculation and compensation, programmable tube loading position, multi-sequence bend capability, etc. are available
  7. Electropneumatics’ SMARTBEND 310 with colour LCD touch screen and keyboard access

Model 18CNC3X-O

Model 30CNC3X

Model 65CNC3X

Model 100CNC3X