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Tube and Pipe Benders

CNC Multi-Axes Tube Benders [CNC_X]

For complex parts and high-volume bending, especially in the automotive industry


  1. Tubes from OD 3 to 80 mm
  2. Push, turn, bend accuracy ±0.1 mm/s or deg/s
  3. Fully programmable axes movement in close loop position and velocity feedback mode
  4. Advanced on-line diagnostics, display of axes position/speed, on-going sequence and error messages
  5. Features such as automatic tube length compensation, spring back calculation and compensation, programmable tube loading position, multi-sequence bend capability, etc. are available
  6. Options are
    • Bi-directional bending
    • Variable radius, roll bending
    • Multi-radius bending with multi-stack tools
  7. Electropneumatics’ SMARTBEND 310 with colour LCD touch screen and keyboard access

Model 65CNC4X3 4-Axes, 3-Stack with Roll Bending

Model 38CNC4X3 4-Axes, 3-Stack with Roll Bending

Model 16CNC5X2-LR 5-Axes, 2-Stack, Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise Bending

Model 19CNC4X3 4-Axes, 3-Stack