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Tube and Pipe Benders

CNC Boost Benders [CNC2X-B]

For bending of thick-walled, tight-radius tubes required in boiler, chemical and process industries.


  1. Tubes from OD 25 To 114 mm
  2. D/t ≤ 9
  3. Materials - Ovality 8-10%, Thinning 12-13%
  4. Unlimited tube length
  5. Capability of serpentine bends
  6. Fully programmable closed loop (hydraulic servo) bend-boost speed and position control
  7. Mandrel-less and tie rod-less operation in boost mode
  8. Can be used for bending in both normal (with higher capacity) and boost modes
  9. Electropneumatics’ SMARTBEND 310 with colour LCD touch screen and keyboard access

Model 65CNC2X-B

Model 100CNC2X-B