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Chassis Manufacturing Equipment

Electropneumatics builds heavy-duty machines for production of chassis long members, cross members, tubular frames and other such heavy structural components for the automobiles.  The different models available can blank, form, trim, bend and punch holes through programmable CNC controls.  Some models are completely automated from loading to unloading while others can be automated as per requirement. Some of the equipment available:

  1. Heavy duty presses for blanking, punching and trimming
  2. Turret punching and shearing machines
  3. Flat and web punching machines
  4. Web and flange punching machines
  5. Plate and angle punching machines
  6. Bending machines

CNC Chassis Punching Machine

CNC Linear Turret Punching Machine

Chassis Section Tube Bender

Chassis Section Tube Bender


  1. Highly productive and most suitable for large volume production of long chassis members
  2. Models available for processing of plates, sheets, sections
  3. Machines are suitable for operations such as punching, blanking, trimming, shearing, bending, etc.