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Boiler And Power Generation

Electropneumatics manufacturers tube benders and boost benders for bending tubes for the boiler industry. They can form tight radius bends on thick wall tubes. These heavy duty, rugged machines have special clamping arrangements to force (boost) the tube during bending, thereby reducing wall thinning and ovality. Serpentine bends are also possible with continuously fed tube. The can handle long lengths of tubes and meet all boiler industry norms. Heavy duty tube benders are used for headers and boiler/turbine piping layouts especially in super critical boilers.

Our booster pumps are used for hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes, pressure vessels and heat exchangers used in the boiler industry.

Tube Bending and Forming

Bending of large pipes for headers of super critical boilers

Bending of thick-walled boiler tubes with 1D bends

Portable tube working machine for piping

End forming of large boiler pipes

Bending of long length pipes for boiler piping applications