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Automotive and Auto Component

Electropneumatics machines cater to the widest range of automotive parts. Our machines are used for bending, end forming, stamping, moulding, honing, compacting, hydroforming, assembling, testing and many other applications. Parts of 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, cars, SUVs, tempos, trucks and other commercial vehicles can be formed on our machines, specially designed to meet the high volume requirements of automotive manufacturing.


Parrts: Roof panels, body side panels, bumpers and fenders, bonnets and boots, floor panels, wheel rims, fuel tanks, engine sumps, manifold covers, etc.

Calibration of wheel rims

Hot forming/rolling of eyes of leaf springs

Upsetting of transmission drive pinion shaft

3-roll forming of wheel rims

Forming of different automotive sheet metal parts

Deep drawing and trimming of automotive roof panels

Straightening of automotive axles

Deep drawing of oil sumps

Hemming of doors, hoods an deck lids