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Automotive and Auto Component

Electropneumatics machines cater to the widest range of automotive parts. Our machines are used for bending, end forming, stamping, moulding, honing, compacting, hydroforming, assembling, testing and many other applications. Parts of 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, cars, SUVs, tempos, trucks and other commercial vehicles can be formed on our machines, specially designed to meet the high volume requirements of automotive manufacturing.

Fluid Power Valves, Cylinders and Power Packs

Electropneumatics extensive range of pneumatic and hydraulic products can be used by jigs, fixtures and tooling, air suspension systems of luxury coaches, auto door openers, etc. Rugged hydraulic jacks, cylinders (extra long, telescopic) and power packs are also used in earth-moving and construction equipment

Pneumatic and hydraulic products

Special extra long cylinders