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Electropneumatics has its own indigenously developed range of AC servo drives and a family of brushless servo motors for a variety of applications. Designed with the latest DSP and IGBT technologies, these state-of-the-art drives provide exceptional system performance at an unmatched price. They are precision manufactured and 100% tested under load. Besides use in our own machines, they can be used in any application requiring accurate control and flexibility of operation. We supply the motors and drives along with the mechanical system as a total solution.


SPM-2X Series (up to 10A)
These all digital dual axes servo drives are the lowest cost per axes drives available. This compact drive module can control two motors simultaneously as independent axes with numerous control options. Apart from direct cost savings, this highly integrated module indirectly saves user cost due to reduced wiring, reduced control panel space and reduction is power due to common power utilization regeneration. Ideal for CNC XY tables, routers, automation systems, etc.

EPSD Series (up to 35A)
The EPSD series consist of higher power drives for larger motors (above 10 Nm). These rugged drives are available in 220V as well as 415V options, thus enabling the use of a very wide range of motors. Different control options are possible. They in application in CNC machines, robotics, automation, packaging machines etc.

1DSC Custom Series
In addition to standard drives, Electropneumatics offers custom solutions for specific and demanding applications. These custom solutions are provided as per the customers requirements and includes special purpose drives for low voltage battery operation, direct drive torque motors, linear motors, etc. They are used in harsh environments and user-specific stringent requirements’


Our AC servo systems are fitted with brushless servo motors of international repute. They seamlessly integrate with our drive systems to guarantee high performance in terms of reliability, efficiency, long life of motor and electromagnetic immunity. Available from 8.5 Nm up to 60 Nm in compact dimensions, they are ideal for applications such as automatic machines for forming of metal, wood, plastic, glass and ceramic as well as for packaging and sorting equipment. They also find use in robots, handling equipment and pharmaceutical industries.

The series of direct drive torque motors combine high torque rating with significant accelerations and decelerations. Their unique construction, where load is mounted directly on the drive rotor provides advantages such as elimination of traditional kinematics chain, reduced maintenance, shortened mounting time and substantial energy saving. Available in torque ratings from 2 Nm up to 70 Nm.

Servo motors designed and developed to meet user requirements are also available when volumes are substantially high.